Silage :-How to Make Silage for Dairy Farming

Silage Preparation for Dairy Farm   

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Requirement :-

Green Fodder  :- Maize . Sorghum , Millet

Cutting :-  When Grain starts

Dry Matter :- 30 to 35 %

Cutting 1 to 1.3 CM

silage fodder


Silage Pit Dimentions :-

Bunker Pit Size  :-

Length :- 10 Meters

Width :-  3 Meters

Height  1.5 Meters

We can make 5 to 6 Quintin silage in 1 square meter pit

(Pore a layer  of straw before filling  the silage )



After Chopping the fodder  please  tight the silage  with  tractor

and  cover with plastic sheet


Tube Silage :-

for  best  quality silage farmer  may  apply tube  silage  with  10 feet length width 6 feet fill  it  and  vacume it then  seal with care


Silage  will become within 42 days

you  may  apply silage   20 to 30  kilogram per day per animal

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